The mission of Ed Rice is to promote a healthier and more sustainable way of life.

Some may be surprised to learn that environmental concerns weren’t initially what motivated me to adopt a waste-free lifestyle. Financial needs and health concerns led me to adopt several of these practices.

When I was in college, I experienced a severe hormone imbalance that caused me physical discomfort, frequent doctor visits, severe cystic acne, extreme mood changes, and other mental health problems. So, I’ve been trying to limit my contact with the endocrine-disrupting chemicals in many everyday products.

The book Estrogeneration is one of my favorites since it discusses the effects of synthetic estrogens on humans and the environment.

Many things we use daily, like plastics, cosmetics, and household cleaners, are not subject to extensive oversight or testing. I made an effort to be more careful about the things I let into my home by using less plastic, focusing on a plant-based diet, making many of my cleaning supplies, etc.

When I made these changes and stopped buying single-use items like paper towels, I saved a significant amount of money.

When I relocated to Canada Ontario, I realized that the improvements in my lifestyle that were making me healthier were also helping the world.

I created my blog to spread the word that individuals may reduce their financial outlay, improve their health, and lessen their impact on the environment, all by following my advice. The decision seemed obvious, and I was eager to assist others in making the change.

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